8-13 years old

Article 1


  • Thursday, May 7th, 2020 : Welcoming of the participants
  • Friday, May 8th, 2020 : , Master class, Selections
  • Saturday, May  9th 2020 : Master Class, Rehearsals in the studios
  • Sunday, May  10th 2020 : Finals, Gala, Awards Ceremony
  • Welcoming location of participants: STANLOWA - 250 rue du Faubourg St Honoré - 75008 Paris
  • Location of Selections and Finals: SALLE PLEYEL Theater - 252 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré - 75008 Paris
  • Masters Class location: INSTITUT STANLOWA - 129 Boulevard Hausmann - 75008 Paris (10 minutes walk from the Theater)

The organizing committee reserves its right to adjust the course of the competition.

Article 2


The competition is open to girls and boys of all nationalities from 8 to 13 years old, who have not reached 14 years old on the first day of the competition.

The competition is reserved to students wishing to train for a professionnal career.

PREPARATORY/PREPARATOIRE: participants from 8 to 9 years old who are not 10 years old on the first day of the competition.
ELEMENTARY/ELEMENTAIRE: participants from 10 to 11 years old who are not 12 years old on the first day of the competition.
STUDY/ETUDE: participants from 12 to 13 years old who are not 14 years old on the first day of the competition.

Exemptions of age may be granted after due consideration of every case presented to the organizing committee.

Article 3



  • Preparatory and Elementary Categories: Free classical variation on half-pointes shoes (ballet shoes).
  • Etude Category: Free classical variation on pointes.


  • Preparatory, Elementary and Etude Categories: Free classical variation on half-pointes shoes (ballet shoes).


Preparatory: 1 mn 30 maximum
Elementary: 1 mn 50 maximum
Etude: 2 mn maximum


The order of appearence will be in alphabetical order, the first letter being chosen by drawing lots.
Only one teacher can accompany his or her participant backstage and for stage rehearsals.

Article 4


Participants must pay the registration fee of € 85  non-refundable. This sum must be paid by credit card during registration and no later than March 31th, 2020, on the competition website for the Chausson d’Or: https://www.chausson-or.com/concours-de-paris-inscription-8-13-ans/

Registration to the competition implies full acceptance of the Rules and Regulations of the competition.

As soon as the registration is received via the competition website, a confirmation email will be automatically sent for validation. If you don’t receive this email, please contact us by email at the following adress: .


Following your registration, your convocation will be sent by email on the April 30th 2020 at the latest. If you don’t receive the notification, please contact us by email at the following adress: .


A link allowing you to upload the music of the variation will be sent along with the notification.
Only high quality WAVE et MP3 files are authorized.
Music files must be sent no later than April  15th, 2020 Any music sent after this date will be excluded.
Music files must be titled according to the following presentation before being uploaded on the competition website: Category, Surname, Firstname, Age
Non-compliant files will not be accepted.

Article 5


Girls: Light colored leotard, short skirts authorized, pink tights. (Any ornamentation forbidden)
Boys: White tunic, grey tights, grey half-pointes (ballet shoes).


Costumes for all participants.

Article 6


  • Access to the Theater is free for all participants. A nominative badge will be given on Thursday, May 7th, 2020 during the welcoming of participants.
  • Each participant, in addition to his or her badge, will benefit of a place at the preferential rate of 30 euros for Friday, May 8th and Sunday May 10th 2020. To purchase this ticket, a link will be sent by email on April  10th, 2020.
    This ticket will be given on Thursday, May 7th, 2020 during the welcoming of participants.
  • These tickets will not be sold during the duration of the competition.
  • A nominative give-away will be given to the teachers presenting one or more participants. This give-away will only be applicable on Friday, May 18th, 2020 and Sunday, May 10th, 2020. It will be given on Thursday, May 7th, 2020 during the welcoming of participants.

It will be forbidden to circulate without a badge, a ticket or a give-away.
Any loss or oversight will not be replaced.

Competition is open to the public.
Tickets will be purchased directly on line on the Salle Pleyel’s website, by phone or in situ, on the day of the competition.

Article 7

Master Classes

During the course of the competition, Master Classes will be organized.

Master Classes will be given by teachers or companies’ directors of international renown. They are not mandatory but we strongly advise participants to attend for their benefits. Participation in one or more Master Class will in no way affect the score of the participant. It is preferable to register on-line to reserve your place.

The schedule and prices of the Master Classes will be sent by email with the convocation, no later than April  10th, 2020, a link will be set to register directly on line.

The organizing committee reserves its right to modify the Master Class schedule.

Article 8



The Jury reserves its right to not allocate every prizes.
Awards will be delivered on the stage by the Jury and participants have to stay in their costumes and present themselves as such for the Awards Ceremony.


  • Results to reach Finals will be on-line and displayed at the end of the Selections for every categories.
  • The results of the Finals will be on-line, at the end of the competition.


Scores are awarded on a 20 points basis for artistic grade and 20 points basis for technical grade.

Selections : The jury will proceed to the technical and artistic evaluation of the participants. A ranking will be established according to the results. Participants who will not have obtained enough points, will not access the Finals.

Finals : The jury will proceed again to the technical and artistic evaluation of the participants. The final classification will be obtained by adding the points from Selections and from Finals.


The jury is composed of internationally renowned personalities from the world of dance.

Article 9


Dimensions of the Salle Pleyel are as follows:
Width 18m, Depth 12m, Slope 0%

The competition, scheduled on stage, will take place with spotlights and a cyclo background with colors.

Article 10


The competition is open to the young dancers from 8 to 13 years old who tend to follow a classical formation. It enables them to perform on a beautiful and prestigious Parisian scene and to confront themselves to students from all over the world.

In a friendly atmosphere of cultural and training exchange, this competition’s vocation is to promote the meetings between students, teachers and jury members.

The Chausson d’Or distinguishes itself by its welcoming atmosphere and its rigourous organization.
A pleasant ambiance where dancing remains at the center of all passions.

Article 11


Participants have to ensure all of their travel and housing expenses.

Article 12


The Chausson d’Or reserves its rights to make pictures or videos during all the duration of the competition. This includes Master Classes, studio rehearsals, on stage and all activities in locations frequented by participants.

By registering, parents and participants give their express authorization to use these pictures and videos for promotional purposes (reproduction, recopying, broadcast, distribution, videos, social medias, posters, online websites).

All photographs, shootings, visual and audio recordings of the participants’ variations and performances regardless of the means or supports used to record, are the exclusive property of the Chausson d’Or.

Participants and parents cede definitively and irrevocably all rights discribed in the present article to the Chausson d’Or, without any restrictions of time or location, and renounce to all claim, payment or any other compensations of any kind whatsoever from the Chausson d’Or or any other third-party users of the aforementioned recordings, in relation to the rights thus ceded to the Chausson d’Or.

Participants and parents agree that the sponsors who are financing the prizes awarded to finalists and winners may use the entirety or parts of the said recordings in their advertising campaign.
The organizing committee of the Chausson d’Or alone decides on the contracts with television channels or private users and broadcasters.

No visual or audio recordings of participants’ variations and performances may be made without the written authorisation of the organizing committee.

Article 13


The Chausson d’Or is alone empowered to decide on a possible derogation from these Rules and Regulations of the competition. Jury’s decisions regarding the Selections and Finals and the awarding of prizes are definitive and unappealable. Jury’s members are forbidden from judging their own students with whom they might have worked directly or any participant from a school he is linked.


The organizing committee assumes, in any case, no responsability for any physical accident or injury or material damage caused by or to any participants or anyone, during the performances or during all transits and in any locations. Participants must have insured themselves against accidents, illnesses and theft.
Participants entering the competition with a disability or an injury not enabling him or her of performing will not be covered by the organizing committee.


In order to respect the safety standards of the theater, we thank the participants, teachers and parents for bringing their nominative badges, their tickets or their passes.
Any loss will not be replaced.


Refunds will only be issued in case of injuries of the registered participant after deduction of the administrative fee of 40 euros (forty euros). The organizing committee must be informed at least one week before the beginning of the competition by email: , with a medical certificate.

Participants will be sanctionned in case of non-compliance with these Rules and Regulations.

Only the regulation in French language is authentic.